Designer Pet Beds

August 09, 2016

We were delighted to be recently included in a round up by Bupa Pet Insurance on some the best pet beds to ensure your fur baby has a great night rest, 'Spoil Your Dog or Cat with a Luxury Pet Bed'.

When on the hunt for the perfect sleeping spot for your dog, it can be hard to choose the right bed to suit his or her needs. On one hand, you want a stylish creation that fits in with the overall décor of your home, yet you also want it to be practical and easy to clean. Enter Lavish Tails. Your one-stop shop for every type of dog bed available. With a tantalising selection of unique beds and sleeping arrangements, you'll be sure to find something that will not only fit your four-legged friend, but also your style.

With such a wide variety of materials and designs, it can be hard to pinpoint a favourite. For this reason we decided to nominate three of our favourite designs. These unique dog beds are not only luxuriously hand-crafted, but are also super stylish and cosy. Your pet is guaranteed to love them too! Which one will you try?

Dog Sleeping Bag

For the ultimate cosy dog bed, that also happens to be portable, the Cloud7 Dog Sleeping Bag sure fits the bill. Lined with 100% natural sheep's wool for maximum warmth and comfort, the sleeping bag combines a thick and comfortable sleeping surface with a warm and soft blanket-like cover. So no matter what the weather forecast, your dog will always have the perfect spot to nap. It's handmade in Germany using organic fabrics; if it’s warm enough for European weather then it’s sure to fend off cold temperatures we experience in Australia.

Deluxe Dog Field Tent

For the more adventurous owner and their pets, showcase a cosy dog tent that’s sure to cause a stir when your friends and family visit. No longer will your precious pooch have to linger in a hard, wooden or plastic kennel. This attractive tent, handcrafted with American-made Martexin®, is a wonderful hidey-hole and sleeping spot for your beloved dog, indoors or out. It's sturdy enough to be set up permanently as a conversation starter in your living room, but is also lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you ‘glamping’.

Arena Wicker Dog Basket

Gone are the days of flimsy, brittle dog baskets that splinter and snap as soon as your pet enthusiastically jumps in to try them out, not to mention the poor quality pillows that store unpleasant odours. Lavish Tails' Arena Wicker Dog Basket is a firm departure from the baskets of old. What makes these baskets particularly unique are the handmade ergonomic mattresses inside. Not only are they latex-filled, to cushion and support your furry friend's bones and joints, but they're also covered with a lovely layer of fleece to make them extra-soft, and perfect for your pet's sleep time.

 So when looking for the ultimate luxurious bed for your favourite pet, consider Lavish Tails' selection of remarkable beds and sleeping arrangements - you're sure to find the perfect fit for your perfect pet.


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